The Founder

Early Engineers is founded by an IIT alumnus with extensive 15 years’ experience in software development, project management and training / skills development working in world’s leading telecom and telecom software development organizations.

The KEYNAH Enterprises Group
Early Engineers is part of KEYNAH group, an initiative towards providing education support to children of ages 5-14 years in the area of Engineering, Maths & English using STEM education approach. Organization seeks to bridge the gap between routine school and professional education and instill the interest and hone the skills required towards development of a student to a successful professional.  Organisation seeks to undertake research across multiple professional streams and develop unique early education courses that would help generate children’s interest in a particular field. This would also help provide parents with an early assessment of skill sets of their child and select a right career path where the child can best succeed with her / his talent. Broad areas of work:-

♦ Research & Content Development
♦ Training Courses
♦ Early learning Classes in areas including but not limited to

♦ Early Engineering
♦ Early Business
♦ Early Medicine
♦ Art & Craft

♦ Professional Screening and Assessment
♦ Education Cells & Clubs for ongoing learning
♦ Web-based learning programs

 Early Engineers India – Our Mission
Every child has a natural creativity and energy which we believe needs a right channel and direction to realize its true potential. At Early Engineers, our mission is to empower our children through providing this much needed channel by providing a platform which helps them explore their natural creativity in a fun-filled way.
Our Mission is to provide an enriching professional skill-based education to students, supporting and enhancing school-curriculum, helping them develop their confidence, ability to ask questions, team-work and leadership skills and give an enabling environment for them to be successful.