Age Group – 9-14 years

Fun with Coding – Software Engineering

“Be Magician and Turn your imaginations into reality with self written code” Workshop with hands-on session on programming and fun physical activities to understand Binary system, Algorithm, Loop, Conditions, Functions, Bugs and Debugging. Focus will be to work towards creation of art work, games, stories and much more in these fun filled sessions.

Mobile Application design for Android devices

How about learning Mobile App creation for your school going kid. Enhancing Engineering skills, logical reasoning, creativity and giving an edge to technical mind.

Lego Robotics

Students will be understanding various science concepts using age appropriate Lego Educational kits. Students work on Lego kits where they learn about robots, different sensors, movement and programming etc.

Prepare with us for Robotics Olympiad, WRO India 2016.

Aerospace Engineering

Science behind flying machines – Gliders, Aeroplanes, Rockets, Hot Air Balloons etc..understanding the concepts, design and improve the working models..

Electrical Engineering

Create and learn on Electrical Engineering concepts circuits, Magnet, Conducting materials and more.